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Bethan and Jake are the creative minds behind jewellery brand You Earth Ash. The duo take semi-precious stones that have been mined in Brazil, and then turn them into stunning pieces of jewellery in Sheffield. As their motto says: ‘Mined in Brazil. Forged in Sheffield’.

I discovered You Earth Ash through their Instagram account. Their account is extremely appealing to view, full of well-taken photographs of their colourful and intriguing jewellery. However, I wanted to find out a bit more about these Sheffield-based jewellery designers, so I met up with them to learn the story of how You Earth Ash begun.

“It kind of happened by accident” explains Jake when I met with the duo. It began when Bethan wanted some new jewellery for herself featuring semi-precious stones. But neither she nor Jake could find any items similar to what they were looking for. Bethan felt that the semi-precious stones used in the jewellery they could find were too polished and clean-looking, they were looking for a more rugged look.

Bethan and Jake have always found outlets to express their creativity, for example they used to get vintage pieces of clothes and alter them. So when they couldn’t find the type of jewellery they were looking for, they decided to make it themselves.

Bethan wore their handmade jewellery with pride, and people took an interest in what she was wearing. The couple decided that if others were so interested in their jewellery, perhaps they should share their creations, and You Earth Ash was born.Jake & Bethan - The creative minds behind You Earth Ash

What I particularly like about You Earth Ash’s jewellery is the individuality of each item they sell. No two pieces of semi-precious stone are the same, making each piece of their jewellery unique. I feel it is quite special to know that if you buy an item from You Earth Ash, it will be unique to you.

Another appealing factor about You Earth Ash is how much thought is put into every aspect of their small business. They believe it’s important to ethically source all the items they use in their jewellery making. The stones they use are bought from a family-run mine in Brazil. Then they try to source the metal components of their jewellery from local sellers in Sheffield. Additionally, they use packaging made from recycled materials. All this thought and care that Bethan and Jake put into their business is so impressive, especially when you consider that this is their part-time job.Turquoise Cross Bracelet - Simple and stunning.

I believe part of You Earth Ash’s success comes from their use of social media. Their jewellery is stunning and social media platforms give Jake the chance to show off the full beauty of their items through his photography, another artistic outlet he’s interested in. Plus the pair ensure to keep up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, designing jewellery featuring their semi-precious stones that’s very trendy.

Bethan and Jake have definitely found a niche in the market. Their jewellery is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Every piece of their work I’ve seen is beautiful and very edgy. The care and consideration they put into every aspect of their jewellery business means the buyer gets a product that’s been made with care. Perfect as a treat for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one.

You can find You Earth Ash jewellery for sale at Bird’s Yard, on Chapel Walk, Sheffield.  


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