Why you shouldn’t underestimate guest blogging


For the uninitiated among you, guest blogging is the practice of producing a blog post for someone else’s blog, generally in exchange for a backlink to your site. Think of something, anything, and there’s a great chance that somewhere, somebody is blogging about it. There are literally millions of bloggers on the internet, so the practice of guest blogging is nothing new. It’s what is known as a symbotic relationship, it benfits the blog owner as they get good content and it benefits the guest blogger as they increase the readership of their own blogs.  Which is why it’s surprising that so many people decide against guest blogging. 

Increase traffic

Most businesses will start a blog to drive more people to their site and to become more of an authoritative voice in their field. Conversely people will start an independent blog because they enjoy it and they’re passionate about something. However, all blogs are written to be seen, this is why SEO is important in the wonderful world of blogging. It is widely known that in terms of SEO guest posting on another, authoritative blog is five times more valuable than producing content on your own site – assuming you have a backlink to your site. 

However, guest blogging (and blogging in general for that matter) is not all about SEO, if you set out in that mentality you’re destined to fail. Always try to put yourself in the mindset of the reader, and ask yourself how will they benefit from reading this. Having a number of well written authoritative posts on somebody else’s website will begin to make you a trusted voice in your niche. It’s like fishing, you’re casting your nets out with well written, informative articles and catching new people who would otherwise have not come to your site. This brings us on to…


Guest blogging will give you access to a whole new audience that you may not have been reaching before and having increased exposure to a new audience can only be a good thing. This is why you need to add value with your posts rather than shamelessly self promote your blog or business; you are entering a new community so you need to assert yourself as a thought leader in your niche. If you become authoritative in your niche it’s amazing how much more traffic that will drive to your site, as a business this will increase leads and sales, as an independent blogger it leads to ad revenue coming in. It’s simple really, the number of different blogs you guest on the greater exposure you, and therefore your own site will receive. 

Social media

Most blogs will have some sort of social media presence, they will likely promote your article on their social media accounts. A good article is what is known as being ‘sticky’, people will see it and share it. Again, this works to increase your exposure and there’s a good chance that you will see a spike in visitors to your site. 

Following on from this, your blog likely has a social media presence; guest contributing on other people’s sites will not only work to increase your social media following but will allow you to build relationships with other bloggers. This may lead to you being included on their blog roll or using you as a source in their own content, all of which will drive traffic in your direction. 

Be receptive

Consider allowing guest blogging on your own site, many businesses can’t see the value in this as they believe it will take traffic away from their own site, but this isn’t the case. In fact it is quite the opposite, inviting thought leaders in your niche to publish something on your site can be very beneficial. They will have their own following which they will bring to your site, and so long as you make it worth their while they’re highly likely to return. It is good to have a different voice on a site, maybe offering a different view, it creates an ‘iron sharpens iron’ community, as I mentioned earlier – it’s a symbiotic relationship. Nobody wants to give anything away for free, so why do you think people allow you to guest on their site? Because it helps them! Not only in garnering good content but increasing their own readership. 

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