Huddersfield Festival of Light 2013


Purse strings can often become a little tighter around this time of the year as the Christmas shopping is in full swing. Fear not though, weekends don’t have to be spent sat inside watching whatever you can find on television; the Huddersfield Festival of Light is a free event that’s got a bit of something for everyone. 

The emphasis is very much on interactivity with everybody urged to get involved, you can try you hand at a digital firework display or get the blood pumping on the Pac-Bike (Pacman but modified to be played by bike). For those that like to think they’ve got a bit of Banksy inside of them there is the Phosphene. A shadow wall where users strike a pose a leave a silhouette of themselves behind; then use their special pens to create a luminous graffiti wall. 

Anybody that thinks they can carry a tune should definitely visit the Marling and be part of a voice activated light show. Think Sistine Chapel crossed with karaoke, sing into the microphones to create a fresco of animated colour above you. The event organisers say that there will be some surprises here over the weekend, so it’s definitely not an exhibit to be missed. 

The Chorus is a weird installation by artist Ray Lee, St Peter’s Square has been taken over by War of the Worlds-esque large metal tripods. Atop these tripods are large metal arms that spin, creating a methodical pulsating drone, the red lights on these arms create mesmerising intersecting rings. Very strange and very cool, something worthwhile seeing. Next to St Peter’s Square is the winter food and drink market which offers the perfect place for a pit stop to refuel, alcoholic beverages are available for those that think they need a tipple to get over the Chorus.

Throughout the festival there are a number of street performers entertaining the crowds, get ready for some infectious music and audience participation. For those who don’t fancy being roped into a street performance there is a live music stage on King Street featuring sessions from some of the best local acts.

The event runs from 6th Dec – 8th Dec at 17:00 until 22:00, it’s very hard to miss, just head down to Huddersfield and follow the noise and light! The busiest days will be the 6th and the 7th but the food market is still open on the 8th and there is a finale starting at 16:30 which includes a brass band performing a Christmas concert, getting everybody in the festive spirit. This is followed by a big firework display (a real one this time) to see out the festival. 

Image credit: Festival of Light Huddersfield


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