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We’re happy for anyone to contribute to our site so long as you have something interesting to say and it’s about something in Yorkshire. Now we do have to have a few guidelines to make sure the content we’re getting is the best, we don’t like turning people away so please do give these a read before submitting anything.

The content has to be fresh and unique, please don’t just give us something that you didn’t want to post on your blog. It also has to be interesting; we once received an email from someone on another website wanting to write an article about the best gates from around the world?! Always think to yourself, how will this benefit the readers, what will they take away from this?

Write about something you know, if  you like offroading, where can you go and slide a car around in the mud for the day? If you’re an accountant what tips can you give our readers? We want a diverse and interesting range of topics from a diverse and interesting range of people. Please don’t just forward us on PR or sales copy, it’s not interesting to read and unfortunately we cannot accept it – do feel free to rewrite it and send it on to us though.

We really want to focus on Yorkshire people writing about cool things from Yorkshire so we will include one link to your site and any social network pages in the author bio free of charge. After all, people from Yorkshire don’t like paying for much!

Read through our top tips for contributing:

- All submissions must include at least one image, either your own or correctly credited. We don’t want to be sued. The image size has to be at least 728 pixels in width.

- Feel free to get in touch, send us a short pitch and the article title if you’re not sure. We don’t want you wasting your time writing something that’s not right for us. Try to either write something your passionate about or have a specialism in, our articles have to either inform or give knowledge to the reader.

- Each article has to be at least 700 words, we do this as these kinds of articles share the best.

- We will promote your article on our social network accounts, but you should do the same too. The more it is shared, the more authority it will have in the eyes of Google.

- You`ll have an author bio in your article with links to your website, social media links and image which will build trust and links back to your website. With the bio don`t just talk about your work / profession, show your personality, what you like doing in your spare time, your passions etc. This will allow you to build a persona online for potential customers to trust.

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